This FAQ answers questions regarding Astrohaus. If you are seeking information about the Freewrite, head over to the Freewrite FAQ.

Why did you choose the name "Astrohaus"?

Adam and Patrick both share a great interest in Bauhaus and Mid-century Modern design. When we locked ourselves in a conference room for three hours to come up with a name for the company behind our nascent Freewrite, we kicked around names like Maschine Co and Scriben. Once we came up with Astrohaus, and discovered we had each had embarrassing screennames on AOL Instant Messenger including the astro prefix, we knew we had found our name.

Are you hiring?

Yes! We are looking for a software engineer and digital marketer to join us. You are welcome to email us at hello@astrohaus.com.

Is there a developer program?

Not officially. However, developers are encouraged to email us at developer@astrohaus.com to be the first to know about APIs and SDKs.

Can I beta test future products?

Yes! Please email us beta@astrohaus.com and we will consider you for beta testing. Please indicate whether you already own a Freewrite and tell us more about your hobbies and professional background so we can determine if you are a good candidate for our beta program.

Where can I get support for my Freewrite?

Please visit our knowledge base or write us at hello@astrohaus.com.