Clapboss by Astrohaus is a consumer electronic product that controls your smart home with a clap. The small device is configurable to listen for multiple clap patterns and assign each one to an available action such as turning on or off lights, requesting a Lyft, or ordering your favorite Domino’s pizza. Using a Wi-Fi connection to the internet, Clapboss interacts with a virtually limitless number of services and products.

The design of the Clapboss is meant to bring a fun, low cost product to the neutered world of smart home appliances. It’s monochromatic color screen and bright silicone ‘ears’ provide a welcome interaction for users of all ages. While simple to use, Clapboss has advanced internal algorithms that identify hand clap sounds and ignore everything else.

Clapboss brings back a simplicity to controlling home appliances. With the growth of smart home devices like connected lights, thermostats, locks, and outlets, simple things have become more complicated to control. What you could once do with the flip of a switch now requires a smart phone or a voice controlled personal assistant. Clapboss adds a fun and simple way to control your smart home, all with a clap!

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