About Us

Astrohaus is a product design company focused on creating elegant productivity tools. It was founded in 2014 when we launched our first product, the Freewrite smart typewriter, on Kickstarter. (Campaign).

The project was a huge success, raising ~$342k, and ushering in a new era of distraction-free writing. Since then, thousands more Freewrites have shipped to writers in 50+ countries. Our customers love the Freewrite; over 45 million words have been typed on devices globally.

Our mission is to invent unique, well-designed consumer products that make people's lives more productive and fulfilling. They must be timely and ideally, timeless. A guiding design principle is that function comes first. We pressure ourselves to think holistically about the user experience, often melding old with new.

Astrohaus is a small team of dedicated craftspeople with offices in New York City and Detroit.

The Team

Adam Leeb, CEO and Cofounder, is a graduate of MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering and a focus on product design. He has 10+ years experience across product design, manufacturing, corporate finance, and entrepreneurship. He is a constant tinkerer and loves to develop unique consumer products.

Patrick Paul, Cofounder, is a Michigan State graduate and software developer. Patrick's experience includes professional work in international development, climate change mitigation, and rooftop solar. He is a life-long programmer and enjoys building prototypes.

Charlie Weikert, Product Manager, started his career as an engineer at Rolls-Royce developing airplane engines. Since joining Astrohaus, he has helped build the supply chain, develop products, collaborate with Chinese manufacturers, and manage logistics. In his spare time, you can find Charlie enjoying time outdoors, cooking, or honing his woodworking skills.

Ashwin Ramanujam, Technical Generalist, is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He joined Astrohaus in August 2018 as a Venture for America fellow. Before joining Astrohaus, Ashwin worked in healthcare IT implementation and B2B SaaS implementation.