About Us

Astrohaus makes productivity tools for writing. The team at Astrohaus has a true passion for creating products that holistically approach the problem of maximizing productivity in a distraction-filled world. Astrohaus uses crowdfunding to launch products to a diverse community worldwide.

Astrohaus was formed out of the success of the Hemingwrite Kickstarter campaign in 2014 by founders Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul. Subsequently renamed to Freewrite, the project presented a concept to marry old and new, simple and complex, to provide a dedicated writing environment free from distractions but also complete with all the benefits of digital documents.

The revolutionary concept to create the worlds first 'smart typewriter' in 2014 was a hit raising $200k in the first 20 hours of the campaign. In total, the campaign raised $342k by over 1000 backers ushering in a new era of distraction-free writing.

Since shipping Freewrite devices starting in early 2016, writers in 50+ countries have written over 115 million words on their Freewrites.

Astrohaus is a small team of dedicated craftspeople headquartered near Detroit, Michigan.

The Founders

Adam Leeb, CEO and Cofounder, is a graduate of MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering and a focus on product design. He has 10+ years experience across product design, manufacturing, corporate finance, and entrepreneurship. He is a constant tinkerer and loves to building products.

Patrick Paul, Cofounder, is a Michigan State graduate and software developer. Patrick's experience includes professional work in international development, climate change mitigation, and rooftop solar. He is a life-long programmer and enjoys building prototypes.