Freewrite Traveler

Traveler is the ultimate portable distraction-free writing tool. Building on the success of the critically acclaimed Freewrite Smart Typewriter, Traveler maintains the same pristine sanctuary for writing that the Freewrite helped pioneer. The idea is, when writers can write unencumbered, they enter into a flow state in which their productivity and creativity peak. We've seen this in action: writers who use Freewrite see their hourly word output double. In a time where constant notifications can make you lose your train of thought and waste precious time trying to get it back, distraction-free writing is the solution.

Everything about the Traveler has been meticulously designed to be the perfect tool for the modern writer. The E Ink screen, long battery life, and automatic cloud syncing remain from the original Freewrite, ensuring that writers only have to focus on one thing: their words. The small, folding case makes Traveler the perfect everyday carrying companion. It doesn't matter whether you're at home, on your commute, in the woods, or on a plane. When you want to write, just open up your Traveler, and start writing.

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